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Treotham , also known as Treotham Automation, supply modular safety control systems for total machine control. The modular safety control samos PRO from Wieland Electric can process up to 96 safety inputs and 48 safety outputs simultaneously, all with free and upgradeable software for the user.

Designed as a safety solution for mechanical and system engineering monitors for all kinds of safety sensors such as emergency stop pushbuttons, light curtains and interlocking installations on guard doors, the safety control system has a short reaction time of a few milliseconds that allows protective measures to be mounted closer to dangerous areas of a machine.

Despite their high performance capabilities, the individual modules are only 22.5mm wide, which allows programmable safety solutions in total construction widths starting from 45mm.

The modular safety control satisfies SIL 3 or PL e among others, according to the current European standards EN 61508, EN ISO 13849-1 and EN 62061, and is CAT 4 compliant.

The user programs the samos PRO safety control simply on the graphical programming interface samos PLAN. The numerous safety function modules make it possible to implement complex applications, even without PLC programming languages.

The safety control system has a replaceable programming memory, called samos MEMORY, which holds the relevant application program for the machine or system. This way the program can be changed easily and without major effort during the machine’s life cycle.

Using the appropriate gateways, the safety control system can be integrated in standard control solutions and unsafe data can be processed as well.

The new Ethernet gateways SA-EN-IP and SA-EN-MOD enable users to analyse the control and diagnostic data of the samos system in higher-level management and automation systems. The gateways support the Ethernet protocols Ethernet/IP or Modbus/TCP and have a device-integrated switch.

The modular safety control system makes it possible to monitor up to 30 safety sensors and to parameterise them with a screwdriver, without any software.

With eight switchable functions at both the master and the slave, the samos modules can be adapted to all safety sensors up to safety category 4 and thus, perform functions such as emergency stop, guard door, light curtain, two-hand control or controlled stop.

The modular safety control system can be used for zone control in the robotics, manufacturing, packaging, mining, materials handling and component assembly industries.

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