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Treotham release SNV4063KP safety switches

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Treotham  have released SNV4063KP safety switches that have a selectable access delay for applications on machines having a slow run down time.

The single-channel or two-channel emergency stop units of SNV4063KP safety switches are suitable for safety gate applications to protect people and machinery during manufacturing.

These single-channel or two-channel emergency stop units are used for monitoring of interlocking installation with position switches and integrated locking and also on-delay unlocking of the solenoid integrated in the position switches.

SNV4063KP safety switches obviate the need to use two relays and comply with all safety requirements.

Equipped with simple electricals, SNV4063KP safety switches have on-delay safety relay, which is suitable for use with any machine or in areas of rotating parts. These safety switches have a rundown time.

SNV4063KP safety switches offer two-channel control along with an optional synchrocheck of the limit switches. Following are the features of SNV4063KP safety switches:

  • Stop category zero according to the EN 60204-1
  • Applications up to safety category 4/3 and according to the EN 954-1
  • Safety category of the device: 4 (undelayed contacts)/ 3 (delayed contacts) according to the EN 954-1
  • Off-delay time adjustable in the range of 0.15s-3.0s or 1.5s-30s
  • Control through contacts or semiconductors
  • Reset button monitoring, cross monitoring, synchrocheck
  • Three enabling current paths (2 undelayed, 1 ON-delayed)

The on-delay in the function can be adjusted infinitely in the range of 0.15s-3.0 or 1.5s-30s according to the device type. The devices are enabled by pressing the reset button.

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