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Treotham has it covered at Automate 2002

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TREOTHAM Trading 's presence at Automate 2002 will cover the requirements of most sectors of manufacturing and engineering.

Recently, Wenglor appointed Treotham to oversee distribution throughout Australia of its high level optoelectronic and inductive sensing and safety equipment.

The level of sensitivity and accuracy of Wenglor equipment extends to the point where some of the equipment is attuned to detect certain colours, or even difference in material such as unwanted wood scattered among plastic products.

For instance, one group of retro-reflective sensors recognises vacillating, wrinkled and transparent films just as reliably as transparent PET bottles, clear glass or opaque objects.

About five per cent attenuation of emitted light is sufficient for reliable sensor switching.

Another recent addition, the Helukabel Y-CY-JB flexible, copper screened, transparent cable, is of the EMC preferred type that all but totally insulates against static and surge interference that negatively impacts equipment such as variable speed drives, industrial machinery with sensitive electronics, and computer systems.

The highly insulated product is manufactured from materials that are free of cadmium, silicone and substances harmful to the wetting properties of lacquers.

Screening density assures disturbance free transmission of all signals and impulses, with PVC-inner sheaths of cables raising the mechanical stress.

Polymer bearings from igus are inert and free of lubricant, so not only are they replacing traditional metal roller bearings in mainstream applications, they are also gaining presence as components in food machinery, pharmaceutical production lines, and virtually any other industry that relies on reduced downtime and toxic-free environment.

With impregnated sliding characteristics, the igus iglidur polymer bearing material makes external lubrication a superfluous matter and aids in quiet running in situ.

They have a high corrosion resistance, are light in weight, but don't require the bulk size of traditional hard materials such as steel and aluminium.

The range of igus standard products covers loads up to 150N/mm2 at speeds from 0.1rpm - 5,000rpm and temperatures from -100°C to +320°C.

All iglidur bearings have maintenance-free dry-running with a very low coefficient of friction, and good corrosion and temperature resistance.

Treotham's expanding line of igus energy chains protect and guide sensitive, expensive communications and power lines.

Because these have a dexterity that negotiates the most demanding twists and turns - sometimes around the clock - the applications they have gained include everything from guarding office computer cables through to securing and protecting large scale hydraulic power lines on dockyard gantry cranes.

Suitable for the most demanding applications, the energy chain is completely self-contained, bears a high-filling weight, carries cables of different types and diameters, and can maintain long travel capabilities - even on twists and turns.

Also at Automate 2002, Treotham Trading will display the updated line of Helukabel and Chainflex cables. These are technically supported by the availability of a large catalogue detailing capabilities and specification of each cable.

Relays and automation systems will also be in abundance. Among them will be items from the Schleicher range.

Specific focus will be made on its newly acquired line, PMA flexible conduits, which have been developed to protect sensitive electrical cables and keep them tidy in most harsh environments.

The conduits, made from specially modified polyamides like PA6 and PA12, polyethylene, polyolefin, PUR, PVDF and PFA, are commonly found in train and railway applications, general machine building, and vehicle construction industries.

They are self-extinguishing, free of halogen, phosphor and cadmium, very flexible, have high impact strength even at low temperatures, and can be placed within energy cables where convenient.

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