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Treotham Trading offers igus bearings for material handling systems construction

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Polymer bearings are gaining a stronger presence in contributing towards optimising the flow of materials and reducing flow times.
Sliding, linear and hinge bearing solutions made of low friction plastic from German company, igus, can reduce maintenance rates and increase the useful life of bearings even in adverse conditions.
Today’s diversity in designs and models of bearings allows for the individual construction of material handling systems with products available from the igus distributor in Australia, Treotham Trading.
For example, plastic flange-type bearings on a revolving sorter automate the sorting of packages – as bearings for the load-bearing shells and for the restraint device on the shells.
Since the screws need to be inserted into thin metal, either bearing blocks would have had to be milled for the sliding bearings or angle-tolerant flange roller bearings would have had to be used. Plastic flange bearings become, by far, the most cost-effective alternative.
Focus on conveyer belts
Maintenance-free plastic swivel heads on conveyor belts act as the connecting components between the pneumatic cylinders and control levers. The low weight and vibration-reducing properties of the swivel heads mean that very short cycle times can be achieved for this type of application.
Scissor lift tables
Another example of the use of high-performance sliding bearings is a retractable mast driving chain for scissor lift tables. With the igus Type Z and W300 bushes, a virtually wear- and tear-free bearing system can be obtained which, at the same time, is able to withstand great pressure.
Maintenance-free shelf-access equipment
In linear technology, plastic bearings also have numerous benefits. For example, shelf-access equipment is completely maintenance-free when fitted with DryLin W linear bearings and operation is virtually silent.
The absorption properties of the plastic dampen shocks and vibrations. Rails can easily be extended to more than 15m in length, hence making the system flexible. The plastic elements slide smoothly over irregularities, and the application of double profiles reduces assembly work to a minimum.
Format adjustments of any kind can be implemented with full drive units, which come with a choice of leadscrew modules or synchronous belt drives. All the bearings of these systems are free from lubrication and so require no maintenance. The bearings are also dire-resistant.

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