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Treotham Automation Launch Elfin Range of Modular Safety Lights

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Treotham Automation  have launched the Elfin Modular Safety Lighting range, which includes warning lights, access illuminators and machinery cabinet lights.

The Elfin range of safety lighting is tough, durable and designed to provide clear, reliable and effective safety lighting in any industry sector and a variety of climates.

The Elfin safety lights can be used in warning beacon formats on factory floors, as lighting on machinery and on any architectural surface. They can be also used in conjunction with the access areas of heavy or fast-moving machinery to act as illuminators in a traditional lighting fashion. One of the main aims of the designers, who engineered this European-designed lighting system, was to ensure the possibility of directing the light source where it is most needed during inspection and checking of the equipment.

As new and modern production systems are characterised by scheduled maintenance programmes, the operators must make individual checks on all the efficiency indicators, which are often located in dimly lit areas. Examples of the efficiency indicators are liquid level indicators, displays, clocks, fuses, conditioners, filters, gauges, timers and thermostats.

For safety reasons, this modular safety lighting system can be activated directly by each door of the cabinet or access port. The auxiliary circuits of the switchgear are connected on the first contact element (the only one on which the interlock device can act) thereby preventing the accidental start-up of machinery or processes.

The Modular Safety Lights are IP44 rated and have a maximum 250V, 10W of amperage and can operate between 0° and 60°C. All Elfin lights can have up to 1000 lumens and an operating life of up to 10,000 hours, depending on the configuration and type used.

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