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article image Igubal clip bearings compensate for misaligned sheet metal.
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WHENEVER borings in sheet metal applications are not in true alignment, igubal clip bearings, available from Treotham Trading , can be used because a two piece design and a mobile universal ball joint enable a compensation for any misalignment.

The first clip in the igubal program for sheet meatal applications offers a rapid, easy and cost effective manual assembly.

A simple clip allows an extremely robust spherical igubal bearing to be used. Likewise, a flat design saves space and reduces rattling. Clip bearings can be substituted for metallic bearings that do not compensate for misalignment.

The bearings can be used in the shaft bedding of sheet metal working, or roller and drum seating. The new bearing is also suitable for swinging brush or lever seating, for roof height adjustment and for caps of dosing apparatus and size reduction machines.

The bearing is low in weight because it is made from the self lubricating material, iglidur J. This material is responsible for a low friction coefficient between shaft and spherical cap.

The bearings come in sizes 10mm, 12mm, and 16mm for a sheet thickness of 3mm. Other standard dimension and sheet metal dimensions and special dimensions will soon be available.

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