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PMA smart line cable protection system available from Treotham

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Treotham Trading is distributing throughout Australia the PMA smart line cable protection system comprising a number of flexible conduit, straight metric connectors, 90° elbow metric connectors, one-piece clip supports, and metric lock nuts.

PMA Easyflex’s conduit type CA is produced from specially modified polyamide (PA6). This material is self-extinguishing, and free from halogen, phosphorous and cadmium.

Generally used in the machine building and installation industries, these conduits are normally available with a fine profile.

Made from a specifically modified polyamide, smart-line metric connectors, types ALND (straight metric) and ALWD (90° elbow metric), are also self-extinguishing and free of halogen and cadmium.

Their perfect impact strength is further enhanced with an enduring temperature range of -40°C to 105°C, while also withstanding temperatures up to 150°C for short periods.

For IP66 models of both the ALND and ALWD ranges, a one piece fitting with an integral cone seal is standard, while the ALWD’s content of delivery is a fitting body with preinstalled retaining elements.

The one-piece PMACLIP system support type BFH is designed for PMAFLEX conduit and ease of assembly with the rest of the PMA system.

Like the majority of the PMA system, the PMACLIP type BFH is made from high-grade formulated polyamide and also is self-extinguishing, free of halogen, phosphor and cadmium.

Its perfect impact strength is complemented with a broad enduring temperature range of -40°C to 105°C, and up to 160°C for shorter periods.

PMA metric lock nuts type GM-FS can be used with PMA metric connectors made of nylon. These are made from PA with an enduring operating temperature of range (-40°C to 100°C) and 120°C for short periods and comes in black RAL 9005.

For reliable cable protection in intense conditions, the PMA family of components ensure exceptional protection with ease of assemblage.

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