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New protection for railway electrical installations

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Treotham introduces a new range of railway cable conduit protectors designed robustly to resist harsh conditions.

Railway electrical installations, whether in infrastructure or rolling stock are made up of a vast number of components connected using electrical cable, which is often exposed to severe stresses from dynamic, static or environmental factors.

Such stresses unfortunately cause the cables to deteriorate, ultimately resulting in failures and considerable costs to replace cables and restore correct operation.

Corrugated polyamide conduits produced by PMA AG have been certified by LAPI to meet the limits for risk category LR4 in accordance with the UNI CEI 11170-3 standard (2005).

The PMA AG corrugated polyamide conduits feature a wide operating temperature range of -40°C to +105°C; excellent resistance to ageing caused by UV exposure and thermal cycling; retention of elevated mechanical strength at low temperatures; high resistance to flexural fatigue; self-extinguishing with no release of toxic gases; high impact and compressive strength; abrasion resistance; resistance to chemicals and oils; high IP rating of IP66-IP68-IP69K; fire and fume classification in accordance with UNI CEI 11170-3-2; rodent repellent; high-strength connection to system and impossibility of accidental disconnection; and possibility of magnetic field shielding.

The IP69K protection rating means that the fitting can be exposed to pressurised jets of fluid (up to 100 bar) without any ingress of fluid into the fittings as is typically the case during carriage cleaning procedures. The fittings are available in two versions: the first is manufactured entirely from polyamide and the second with a metallic thread for more demanding applications.

PMA AG’s corrugated polyamide conduits are supplied with an extensive range of terminations and accessories enabling versatile use under varied conditions.

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