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Multi-axis energy supply with extendible chain link

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TRIFLEX R is an energy supply system for multi-dimensional robot movements that is now available in an open 'light' version for quick installation.

Available from Treotham Pty Ltd , the 'light' version hose provides mobility and stability of the chain with defined bending freedom in every direction.

Triflex R ‘light’ is lighter in weight than the standard Triflex R and is available in four sizes. It reliably performs even complex multi-axis handling tasks.

This new modular long-life energy supply has been developed for a wide range of different applications, such as tool changers, calibration applications, automatic image processing, laser and adhesive applications, or handling applications, which often involve inserting large numbers of thin initiator cables.

Triflex R ‘light’ comprises as few parts as possible, and is a series of one and the same individual part. Users can shorten and lengthen the energy chain at virtually any point.

The trailer principle guarantees a high degree of tension resistance. This works in the same way as an automotive trailer coupling. Once locked in place, ball and ball socket form an extremely mobile connection that combines smooth movements in all three axes and an optimum flow of force. The energy chain has to be able to follow specific handling movements in all axes for a long time.

Longitudinal axis torsion of up to +/-380° per metre is also possible. Thanks to the clear and stable inner fastening points, Triflex R light provides a limiting minimum bending radius (radii: 58, 87, 110 and 145 mm), which goes easily on cables in both radial and torsional movements.

This results in a significant reduction in cable stress and consequently an extension of cable service life for problem-free energy and media supplies, with the smooth inner contour also advantageous for the cables.

Due to the 'EasyChain' principle developed from igus - an opening into which the cables are simply pushed - the energy chain is easy to fill.

The cables are inserted quickly through elastic opened brackets and can be pulled out again by hand in the same way. After the cables have been inserted, the overlapping brackets automatically return to their initial position.

For users, this quick assembly and dismantling method means a real time saving, which in turn indirectly reduces costs.

Triflex R ‘light’ can always accommodate changes in technical processes - such as changes in set-up location of handling units.

All the cables remain visible over their complete length, making regular inspection much easier. This is particularly important in the case of transparent hoses used to transport bolts, screws or similar consumables using compressed air. If jamming occurs, the spot affected can quickly be localised inside the hose.

The three compartments inside Triflex R make it easy to separate electric, fluid and pneumatic supply lines. In addition, applications where supply lines are subjected to increased wear can be replaced at regular intervals. This could be on feed hoses for rivets, screws or bolts, for example - these could be guided separately, but within one compartment.

igus has adapted the new energy supply system exactly to the accessories range of the larger robot chain model. Thus, for example, the connecting elements for Triflex R also fit the new light version (connection elements with integrated strain relief, intermediate fastening devices), as does the heat protection hose (protects from welding and metal splashes up to 600°C) as well as other components.

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