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'Micro flizz' MF10 energy chain from Treotham Automation

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Treotham Automation has released the new “micro flizz” MF10 energy chain which allows cable diameters up to 16mm, with bending radii up to 75mm to be routed compactly and reliably.

A special energy chain supplies moving media and control signals via a carriage or slide within a metal guiding channel. Special wings at the side keep the chain safely in the channel, ensuring the upper and lower runs are mechanically separated.

The chain is completely enclosed, keeping out dirt, dust and humidity. It is suitable for automated applications, sliding doors, folding doors, camera equipment and studio equipment. It can also be used to replace cable drums in sewage treatment plants.

The carrier integrated in the guide channel can bear loads of up to 50kg, making it suitable for manual workstations. This allows tools to be supplied with all the media they require.

The previously available designs of MF06 and MF08 are now being supplemented by the new MF10 with an inner width of 20mm. With an installed height of 275mm and a width of 107.6mm, the new size is still very compact.

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