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Micro Flizz available from Treotham Trading

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German company igus has developed a new product especially for material transport vehicles, shelf access equipment, industrial rolling doors or work station equipment when tools need to be transported manually.

Micro Flizz is a specially-designed energy chain which supplies mobile consumers with electricity via a rolling or gliding conveyor.

Distributed officially in Australia by Treotham Trading, Micro Flizz ensures the energy chain runs in an aluminium guide channel which separates the upper and lower run of chains to save weight and reduces friction and wear.

Micro Flizz is a compact, space-saving system that is closed at the top, which provides protection against dirt and dust.

Micro Flizz is an alternative to other solutions for mechanical stress accompanied by fast, abrupt movements.

The system differs from those currently available as contact-free equipment supplied with an induction current is still relatively new on the market and so costs for these systems are still high.

Conventional contact line equipment frequently does not reach the level required to transmit data reliably, which means that additional data light barriers or other forms of remote data transmission must be used.

Since the frequency-converter drives cannot be supplied from the stationary controls of material conveyors with a contact line system, an additional independent control unit mounted onto the material conveyor is required. This control unit in turn receives its commands from a radio or infra-red source located somewhere within view. Faults are likely to occur when foreign matter, for example, dust gets between the transmitter and the receiver.

No extra control box

With the new Micro Flizz on the other hand, drives operated with frequency converters can also be operated from stationary control units. Power is supplied to the drive by means of shielded Chainflex power cables.

This means that no extra control box is needed, such as those typically used on material conveyors. This in turn reduces the overall weight of material conveyors, hence considerably facilitating dynamic movement.

The system is installed in an enclosed trough, so it is well-protected against external influences such as matter falling from above and dust. Even humidity and temperatures will not harm the system.

Shelf picking

The modular system, which comes in various chain widths, heights and bending radii, allows power and data supplied to be adjusted as required. Data lines, copper or fiberglass, can be combined with power cables or with pneumatic hoses.

Smart design feature - side wings

Energy chain safe and quiet in the guide channel.

Tiny side wings on each individual chain link open out a few millimetres when the chain is straight, keeping the entire energy chain in one groove, both in the upper and in the lower part of the guide channel.

When the chain bends around the radius, the wings retract, releasing the chain so that it can run smoothly. Securing the chain in the upper groove prevents it from falling out onto the base of the guide channel or slipping onto the lower chain.

Micro Flizz is low on wear and tear due to reduced friction and the good materials used. The system can be installed vertically, horizontally, or at any angle in between these two positions with these simple components.

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