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TREOTHAM Trading has released the new line of DryLin W Series linear guide systems from igus of Germany.

This line of guides has a very small design space, low bearing clearance, long service life, low noise, low weight and a small mounting height and width.

Lubricant and maintenance free, units in the DryLin W Series are resistant to dirt, they run dry up to 15m/s and are corrosion free and chemical resistant, with low friction values.

The guides are compact but also tolerate high forces. They have an extremely flat slide with sliding components right at the far edge to optimise resistance to moments. Thread depth for the fixing bolts was also required to be as large as possible in order to ensure a secure assembly.

The guides combine two supported round shafts in one profile. Normally, such guides consist of two round steel or stainless steel shafts which are individually bolted onto an aluminium profile. Individual components are optimally spaced due to the design of the parallel, supported round shafts as a one-piece profile. The requirement for complex bolted shafts assemblies is eliminated along with the need for time consuming shaft alignment.

The rails can be used as a one-piece supported twin round shaft version or split as a supported single round shaft version. The single round shafts also allow 90º-angled mounting faces in a very compact space.

Different versions of the slides are available. Compact slides consisting of four bearing blocks are fixed to a mounting plate. Alternatively the four bearing blocks may also be bolted directly to an application structure. This reduces the overall height by a further 6mm and reduces the cost.

The systems are extremely resistant to dirt. Round shafts provide the best dirt resistance as any dirt falls directly off the shaft (there are no dirt traps in the slide systems).

Due to the self-lubricating properties of the liners, it is not necessary to apply any additional lubricant. The dry running ensures that dirt does not stick to the guide system or guide rail. Iglidur X liners, which have virtually universal chemical resistance, are available for high-temperature applications up to 250°C.

The system is able to withstand direct central dynamic loads up to 2,400N in every axis. It can also handle static loads up to 4,800N. The rails are available in widths of 40mm and 74mm. This dimension refers to the centre distance of the two shafts. The single rail has a width of 27mm, and the carriage plates are available in lengths of 100mm, 150mm and 200mm.

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