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article image The Drylin T Automatic, lubricant free sliding bearing element.
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IGUS has released the DryLin T Automatic, a maintenance and lubrication-free sliding element, available from Treotham Trading . Clearance of the guiding carriage self-adjusts automatically during assembly and use.

Power sliding elements combine with hard anodised aluminium guide rails which allow friction values for dry run below 0.2 microns. This is the lowest wear of all Igus pairings that have ever been used.

New types of wedge-shaped plastic sliding elements arranged in parallel are put into the correct position by springs and pins. In case of abrasion of the plastic sliding element during a run, it is re-adjusted when relieved. The sliding elements then gradually lock in steps of 0.1mm. This technique, and the Iglidur J material, guarantee a long lifetime and defined clearance. Currently, DryLin T Automatic is available in three sizes: 15mm, 20mm and 25mm.

In the timber industry, vacuum pickups require format adjustment. The low weight of Dry Lin T is important when the cycle numbers are high. In addition, as they are lubricant-free, no oil can drop on the wooden board and the linear guide is dirt resistant. This is an advantage because the fine wood shavings and dirt cannot stick to the guidings. Snowplough-like sliding elements work as strippers and shift the dirt from the sliding rail. The space in between the bearing works perfectly as a dirt conduit, where particles of dirt and dust are passed through.

For the food industry, being lubricant-free is also one of the most important aspects of DryLin T. For portioning and packaging of popcorn, for example, the hygienic demands are especially high due to the fact that the smallest impurities may have a disastrous impact on production.

DryLin T is a linear guide that gives a high service life at high cycle numbers and short lengths of stroke of 60mm. Being absolutely maintenance-free also guarantees constant production because lubrication intervals are not necessary, even after an intensive wet cleaning.

High accelerations of 10g and sliding speed values up to 6m/sec can be realised because the DryLin bearings have no rolling bodies. The fitting dimensions correspond with the commercial quality of ball guide systems.

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