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Long-life modular cable guiding system

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TRIFLEX R is a family of modular, flexible energy chain systems for robots that allows freedom of motion across all three dimensions, with the bending radius identical in each direction.

Available from Treotham Pty Ltd , the system comprises of a minimum number of parts that make it possible to shorten or lengthen the flexible energy chain system at virtually any point.

Additional reinforcements such as steel ropes and spring-action devices are not required.

Due to its round shape, Triflex R glides around the outer contour of a robot without becoming hooked or jammed.

Its enclosed design offers protection against weld spray, dirt, filth and its smooth inner contour extends the life of cables.

Designed for endurance, Triflex R has successfully completed 145,000 test cycle times to date (cycle time = 50s).

With a unique trailer principle (ball and socket) the energy chain is capable of twisting to a high degree, which guarantees smooth movements in all axes.

When complicated movements are carried out, Triflex R also achieves a high amount of flexibility in the 6th axis. Longitudinal axis torsion of up to ±380° per metre is also possible.

Fixing points at the centre of the Triflex R are provided in order to be able to install directional spring action rods within the chain.

For applications in which excessive flexibility can be a handicap, complete or partial reinforcement of the Triflex R system can be achieved through the use of these rods. This can reduce the torsion capacity or keep the Triflex R outside the operating areas.

Triflex R is highly suitable for confined installation spaces due to its small bending radii, small partitions and minimum assembly and disassembly times.

Cables and hoses can also be quickly inserted. It is an 'Easy Chain' product, thus it allows cables and hoses to be fed inside the energy chain system without having to open it.

Special connecting elements with snap-on locks also enable an exceptionally quick assembly, which can substantially reduce time spent on maintenance. The connecting element is available with or without strain relief combs for cables. It can be used at the ends and as an intermediate fastening device.

The Triflex R System is also equipped with adapted drill holes for standard types of robot.

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