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Igus igubal polymer bearings available from Treotham Automation

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Various products in the igus range of iglidur polymer bearings are being applied in testing conditions including the testing of a hydrogen powered car as well as general applications in offshore drilling stations.

Considered to be cost-effective, igus igubal polymer pivoting bearings are maintenance-free; requiring no grease or oil.

Resistant to chemicals and corrosion, the igubal range has good vibration dampening and shock resistance and, although light-weight, can accommodate high frequencies and speeds.

For pivoting rod ends, igubal’s design range E and K will suit shaft diametres from 2mm to 30mm, and are a perfect match with pneumatic cylinders.

These bearings are 80% lighter than steel, and outer threads are available to suit various end uses.

Available for shaft diameters 5–50mm, igubal pillow blocks are of compact design, dirt and dust resistant, suitable for rotating/oscillating as well as linear motions, and form part of the E and K range.

With various cap materials available, the igubal flange bearing compactly designed with 2 or 4 fixation points is available for shafts 5–50mm in diametre.

These igubal range of polymer bearings are available from Treotham Automation.

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