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Igus electronic product catalogues revised

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IGUS' electronic product catalogues, for flexible energy supply systems and plastic plain bearings, have been revised, so there is no longer any need to install the software.

Available in Australia from Treotham Trading , the electronic product catalogues "xigus" and "xiglidur" are no longer limited merely to the printed catalogue as software users can (with "xigus 6.0") configure Energy Chain Systems by themselves - all the way up to a customised 3D file.

And, with the new 'xiglidur 4.0', the service life of igus polymer plain bearings can be calculated on an application-specific basis. Another important feature is that there is no longer the need to install the software for either CD onto the computer.

xigus 6.0: travel, speed, and accelerations

An electronic wizard enables quick and easy configuration of an Energy Chain system right up to the finished 3D CAD file. This also enables individual project data to be delivered directly.

With a few clicks, the program provides information about travel, speed and acceleration. Information about cables is collected in a further step. In addition to igus cables ("Chainflex"), other brands are also taken into account.

Parameters such as temperature, chemicals or contamination round off the input options to help the user find the appropriate flexible energy supply program.

Furthermore, the user also has individual parts and 2D and 3D Energy Chain models at his disposal. The complete product range, which as available in full on the CD, includes more than 40,000 products from the Energy chain, cable and accessories ranges.

xiglidur 4.0: calculating the service life of polymer plain bearings

With the completely revised "xiglidur 4.0", users can now calculate the service life for the 24 igus polymer materials currently available.

The service life can be precisely calculated in hours by providing information regarding various parameters such as rpm, speed, temperature or type of motion. Data on and features of polymer plain bearings, a list of worldwide igus offices and agents, as well as example applications, complete the contents of the CD.

This information shows where sometimes surprisingly maintenance-free plain and linear bearings, consisting of highly efficient polymers, are now being used.

The two expert systems are available in six languages (German, English, French, Italian, Spanish and Portuguese). Data on the respective product ranges can be loaded in 44 different 2D file formats and 61 different 3D file formats.

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