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INDUSTRIAL sensor specialist Wenglor has entered the field of image processing with a complete digital vision system. The BVS001 is Wenglor's first colour vision system and includes a colour camera, ease of installation, compact design, and user-friendly software.

Represented in Australia by Treotham Trading , Wenglor has designed this product as a complete solution for industrial image processing while being easy to handle and configure, and with clear-cut user interface.

Components furnished with the Wenglor colour vision system include a compact camera with lens, illumination technology, an industry compatible vision control unit and specially developed Wenglor software.

The unit's CMOS colour digital camera with its aluminium housing measures only 138 x 40 x 47mm. It can be used in a wide variety of applications in extremely tight spaces, and is easily mounted with a Wenglor angle bracket.

With a resolution of 640 x 480 pixels, the camera reads out 30 digital colour images a second, while a variety of lenses can be utilised due to the use of a standard thread.

Digital image data is transmitted to random access memory at the Linux-based vision control unit equipped with Flash memory for processing via a cable with a length of up to 10 metres.

Wenglor offers three different illumination systems:

* The Wenglor ring illuminator with eight LEDs is especially well suited for the detection of colours and print marks.

* Contours and drill-holes are lit up at an inclined angle for reliable recognition by the Wenglor spotlight.

* A through-beam operating mode allows highly reflective objects and object contours can be easily detected with the Wenglor floodlight.

Image data is analysed by special software developed by Wenglor specifically for this purpose.

The user is able to set up specific configurations in an entirely flexible fashion with the clear-cut user interface, and can choose among a variety of functions including colour inspection, inspection for completeness, orientation detection, orientation correction and determination of shape and surface independent of orientation.

After the vision control unit has evaluated the configuration entered by the user, signals are read out from one or several outputs which are used to control production or inspection processes.

The vision control unit is equipped with four inputs. One input is set up permanently as a trigger input, and the other three are freely configurable.

Any desired characteristics can be assigned to as many as five of the eight outputs. With its compact dimensions of 197 x 241 x 80mm, the vision control unit can be easily mounted to a top-hat rail or in a control cabinet.

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