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Fourteen new igus products

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GERMAN bearing and energy chain specialist igus released 14 new products at the EMO show, and these items are now available from the company's official distributor in Australia, Treotham Trading .

FireWire connecting cables, already standard in digital camera technology, are available for energy chain applications, as are Chainflex servo and measuring systems/sensor cables, harnessed for Fanuc drives, in individual lengths for short (economy nine) and long travels.

Another new product is CF99, a shielded TPE flexible cable for the smallest bending radii. The use of special conductor alloys, conductor structures and alloyed wires for shielding allows a bend radius of 4 x d to be achieved.

This means significantly less room is required for the energy supply. Machine tools, for example, can be built with a much more compact design. Tests on a bend radius of 2.8 x d are currently underway.

Chainfix Nugget, for fastening cables up to 20mm in diameter, is another new product. The strain relief can be mounted quickly, easily and manually, without tools. It takes up very little space and is extremely economical.

The small, easy-to-assemble, dirt-repellent Zipper Energy tubes can be opened up like a zip.

E4/4 light is the new lightweight, sturdy and low-cost version from the E4/4 series energy chains. It is suited to side-mounted applications with large self-supporting lengths, or wherever high torsion is involved.

A specially developed and patented form-fit rear grip and a second secure bolt in the bore hole improve the way the chain links interlock.

Result: The lateral stability is increased considerably. The chain links do not gape when the chain twists, because there is no sag.

The plastic coated connector can be fixed in one of three different directions, allowing the design engineer complete flexibility.

DriveClick is a new generation of sensor cables for drive technology. Complex hybrid cables are no longer required; handling is simply via a modified RJ45 plug.

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