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Floating bearings for better accuracy

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A NEW generation of DryLin floating bearings made by igus, represented by Treotham Trading , is designed for use in parallel shaft/rail linear systems to simplify the design and manufacture of machines.

A unique sliding bearing compensates for misalignment between two shafts by as much as six millimetres, and due to a swivelling suspension device, the bearing can operate virtually independently of an uneven or unfinished surface.

The possibility to perform service life calculations, a practice traditionally restricted to jobs using ball bearings, provides the designer with an assurance that the application will work satisfactorily.

A swivelling suspension device of the actual bearing allows angular movements of ±2º. However, the main feature of the bearing is the lateral compensating movement perpendicular to the shaft.

Alignment errors between the two shafts can, therefore, be effectively eliminated if these floating bearings are used on one shaft.

An outer housing acts as the mounting surface for the bearing, and the threads and hole spacing allow interchangeability with the igus DryLin 06 series as well as traditional linear ball bearings.

The actual bearing housing - which contains iglidur J sliding bearing - is connected to the outer housing by a bearing unit running on a hardened steel shaft. The iglidur J sliding bearing gives extremely good friction values and wear characteristics in dry running applications.

The bearing material, iglidur H, is used in the swivel bearing unit. This material is known for its high loading capacity and extreme resistance to moisture and heat.

Floating bearings are well suited for use in welded or sheet metal fabrications such as a sliding door guard where precision of the bearing mounting surface is often hard to achieve.

In addition, with sheet metal or Perspex designs, unwanted distortions often occur which gives unnecessarily high levels of stress on the bearings.

With the igus floating bearings, many of these problems can be prevented in advance or eliminated by retrofitting the existing bearings.

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