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ROBO Triflex is a flexible energy supply system for robots which operates in three dimensions to protect cables against wear or destruction and guide them in a defined bending radius.

Available from Treotham Trading , modular Robo Triflex has a middle layer integrated with the chain link and 'push buttons' made of tough elastic material to eliminate any need for steel cords.

A core can be used as an additional stabiliser whenever this is required by the application. The core comprises high-tech glass fibre rods and replaces - where necessary- springs, suspensions or gallows.

In a closed system, individual links with pins/drilled holes are alternately installed. This provides the required inherent stability together with freedom of motion in three dimensions, and sagging is eliminated.

A cable filling operation can be carried out very quickly. In divided overlapping side parts, the cables can simply be 'pressed in'. Cables jumping out of place - even during complex movements in automated service - can virtually be excluded.

The internal area of Robo Triflex is sprayed to give a smooth surface and therefore preserves the cables. Broad supporting surfaces increase the service life of the cables significantly.

Due to the already integrated internal divisions, pneumatic hoses and electric cables can be run separately in the second compartment of the internal divisions.

Any form of twisting with something such as a welding cable is obviated. Cables can also be inserted in uncut form without having to knock off the plug connectors or media couplings. The use of pre-harnessed cable packs is quick and simple.

Robo Triflex can be lengthened or shortened at any point desired so that any change in the movement programme of the robot can be easily made without any extensive standstill periods.

Two-dimensional and three-dimensional mobile links of the flexible energy supply system can be combined to strengthen specific areas completely or alternately.

Accordingly, the mobility can then be controlled as required. This option enables a more flexible adaptation of the cable running system, such as is the case with interfering edges.

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