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Energy chains available from Treotham , are used in production equipment, robots and tooling machines to guide and protect cables and hoses.

Sometimes vibration can occur on the support channel and at the towing arm during the movement. However, due to its modular design, the igus E6 energy chain can be lengthened and shortened at any point, negating size and thus unwanted movement issues.

The spring element of the igus E6 connects the individual side parts into a sturdy energy chain, which works fault-free during highly dynamic applications even after millions of cycles.

The Energy Chain is held in place in a trough by two tiling levers automatically activated by the radius. This means that the Energy Chain cannot swing out or deviate to the side, even on masts of up to 40m high.

The igus E6 polymer spring elements are almost abrasion-free and with its abrasion-resistance and low wear level, the E6 energy chain is suitable for clean room applications as well laser/torch cutting systems, measuring/test machines, semi-conductor and electronics industry, medicine and pharmaceutical industry, tooling machines, automation and high-speed handling.

The E6 energy chain can also be used in Agricultural, Materials Handling, Automated systems, Intelligent Wash Systems, Climbing Machines, Sawing system, Amusement park rides and Automated pan storage.

The E6 energy chain is also available as in an ESD (electro-static discharge) version, which is particularly suited for safety in explosion-protection areas as well as for ESD interference resistance in sensitive production areas.

The E6-ESD chain is made of a special igus material, where the spring element plays a significant role. Due to this, the individual links in the energy chain are connected mechanically and electrically throughout all the installation positions.

In this way, the E6-ESD achieves permanently constant conductive values, without contact area wear in the long term.

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