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TREOTHAM Trading has available the xigus 5.0 interactive catalogue that contains updated information on more than 40,000 products.

The CD ROM contains the entire updated igus product lists for energy chains, general supplies and Chainflex cables.

It is free and is available in six languages -- German, English, French, Italian, Spanish and Portuguese.

The electronic expert xigus 5.0 for Energy Chain Systems is not only a product catalogue on a CD, but also a time-saving planning support. The user enters information, and the system gives an overview of the suitable products.

The more questions answered regarding an application, the more precisely the catalogue can go into the demand of the application. Particularly user-friendly and time-saving is the direct expert data transfer into a 3D CAD file, with the data able to be used directly in the design.

It works as follows.

The designer enters the user data. The first step requires data for speed, acceleration and travel only.

Step two requires data for the selection of cables. This data can refer to igus Chainflex cables, but it can also take into account other products.

Optional data is entered at the next step, and this can include technical information, climate, temperature, chemicals, oil or chips as well as other characteristics.

The more detailed the information fed to the system, the more detailed is the selection from the igus energy chain line of products.

When the expert system chooses the appropriated energy chain series it provides suggestions for inner shelving. Now follows a provisional result to select the series which is suitable for the application.

Once the series has been chosen, the inner shelvings can be constructed with 'drag & drop' mouse clicks. There is the additional possibility to integrate strain relief and mounting brackets into the selection.

Now, just an optional button click on the CAD file, and the desired result is available.

The user can select between 2D and 3D files of chain links and inner shelvings, as well as the complete energy chain as a 3D CAD drawing that corresponds to all parameters entered.

With 41 3D file formats and 33 2D formats all essential file formats are available on the new xigus 5.0 CD.

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