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article image Immediate diversion of static discharge.
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GERMAN company igus has developed an energy chain solution to protect sensitive electronic components against electrostatic discharges.

Distributed by Treotham Trading , the 'igus' ESD flexible energy supply system uses igumid ESD material to immediately divert electrostatic charges permanently.

Igumid ESD has special additives in the igus flexible energy supply system and has been tried and tested in millions of applications for more than 30 years.

These special additives provide the properties demanded and even surpass the standard material in mechanical requirements.

Depending on the application in each case, a longer unsupported length can be achieved, for example, due to a slightly higher degree of rigidity and the approximately 15% lower density (equivalent to the weight of the flexible energy supply system).

Unlike the applied conductive coats with the temporary effects of the volatile incorporated antistatic agents, the additives used here result in long lasting, maintenance free conductivity.

Another advantage is the resistance to adverse environmental condition such as aggressive chemicals and temperatures.

The colour of igumid ESD corresponds approximately to RAL 7015 slate-grey which distinguishes this new type of flexible energy supply system from the standard program of products in terms of visual effects.

Severe electrostatic discharges can easily reach voltage levels of more than 10,000V. They are therefore a serious risk for production operations and products.

Electronic components such as chips - or even complete control system elements - can be destroyed or damaged by electrostatic discharges.

The use of an electrostatic diverting function therefore applies to a significant extent to flexible energy supply systems due to their central role in automated sequences.

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