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Elfin hand-held medium-to-heavy-duty pendant stations from Treotham

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The new Elfin hand-held medium-to-heavy-duty pendant stations from Treotham Automation, also known as Treotham , are designed to meet stringent ergonomic and safety requirements as well as to offer reliability and rugged long-term wear.

This type of machine controller is ideal for use in numeric control automation systems and applications using industrial robots in industries such as mining, manufacturing, packaging, assembly plants and materials handling both in indoor and outdoor environments.

The size of the upper part of the station makes it possible to create various operator configurations, while the lower part, used for gripping the unit, can be equipped with a membrane button panel. The sides can also be fitted with anti-panic buttons.

The characteristic shape of the button board is designed to protect operators (also when the key selector is inserted) from mechanical collision or electric shock.

The 3-position enabling pendant stations can be used in any machine and hazardous danger zone that utilises industrial automatic systems.

Used in conjunction with a start control, which is only activated and maintained in the active position, allows operation of the machine.

The engagement button can be used for tuning, training, changing the working process, searching for faults, cleaning and maintaining the machine, and in all cases where it is necessary to move or remove safety guards or disconnected traditional safety devices.

These portable units are made from thermoplastic resin with the mobile button panel being made from aluminium.

They have an operating temperature of -30 °C to + 70 °C, a mechanical life of 2 million cycles from position 1 to 2 and 1 million cycles from position 2 to 3.

The mobile button board is rated IP65, P3P, IP40, IP66 with rubber cap and have a number of approval ratings including UL, CSA and SEMKO.

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