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EMC shielded and UV resistant cables for electric motors

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Treoflex EMC-UV-3 plus cables available from Treotham are used to supply power to electric motors from frequency converters while maintaining full electromagnetic compatibility (EMC).

Featuring a special construction, Treoflex EMC shielded cables are suitable for fixed installation as well as movable connections in industrial equipment, process lines and machines operating in dry and damp rooms.

These flexible cables come with multi-stranded flexible copper wire conductors, with a cross-linked XLPE polyethylene insulation, double stranding element screen, and UV resistant outer sheath made of PVC. The cross-linked XLPE polyethylene insulation improves current-carrying capacity, while also maintaining low cable capacitance in comparison with cables featuring PVC insulation.

The symmetric construction of the cable (3+3PE), wherein the conductors are arranged symmetrically every 120°, ensures the symmetry of supply voltages on the motor terminals.

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