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Compact EOS4 Safety Light Curtains available from Treotham

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The ReeR EOS4 compact safety light curtains available from Treotham are specifically designed for machine tool protection.  

The EOS4 safety light curtains can be used for the protection of presses, punches and dinking machines, cutters and shears, robotised areas as well as assembly lines and assembly machines including those in a small size.  

Featuring a small-sized housing and minimal dead zone, the safety light curtains are highly suitable for space-constrained applications.   

The dead zone is only present on one side, allowing the EOS4 safety light curtains to maintain resolution up to 30mm if installed on a plan, and up to 40mm if installed at 90º against another EOS unit.  

Key features of EOS4 safety light curtains: 

  • Selectable maximum scanning distances of 4m or 12m
  • Two PNP safety static outputs protected from short-circuits and overloads
  • Up to three light curtains can be connected in a master/slave set-up
  • Suitable for applications in areas with space limitations
  • Also suitable for complex applications with high safety requirements where conventional relay technology reaches its limits

EOS4 safety light curtains are available in a variety of models: 

  • Resolution of 30mm and 40mm for hand detection
  • Resolution of 50mm and 90mm for presence detection in a hazardous area
  • Resolution of 90mm resolution with 2, 3 or 4 beams for access control

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