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Chainflex CF Robot Cable Family from Treotham

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Available from Treotham , the "Triflex R" robot energy chain system has more than 200 available components, in order to cover a wide range of applications from large-scale welding to small palletising robots.

There advanced "Chainflex" cable range can be used for different torsion applications. The "Chainflex CF Robot" family transfers energy and data reliably in dynamic applications using the multi-axis energy chains. Twistable bus cables for the frequently used industrial bus systems such as Profibus, CAN-bus, Industrial Ethernet have been developed. Materials that are torsion-resistant are used for the cable insulation, which is sensitive in such bus system cables. In addition, they are protected by damping elements and a matching PTFE gliding layer.

The braided shield has an optical coverage of 85 per cent. The pressure-extruded outer jacket is extremely abrasion-proof, oil-resistant and is made from flame-resistant, halogen-free PUR mixture.

Igus has also developed a range of new twistable motor cables. Starting with the shielded single-core cables, they also supply 3 and 4-core cables with cross-sections that measure 1.5 to 35mm². The twistable PUR motor cables can be supplied in either shielded or non-shielded versions. Particular importance was attached to the damping elements protecting the elements as they twist. With the shielded types, the use of high-grade PTFE gliding layers has been continued in order to provide a sturdy basis for the special torsion-resistant insulation.

The new "CF Robot" control cable program is based on four design characteristics such as torsion-resistant insulating materials, damping and gliding elements as well as a highly abrasion-proof outer jacket to provide protection from all environmental conditions. The new twistable fibre optic cables have been matched to real-world robot requirements. The cable has 2 optical fibre cores that is resistant to oil, bio-oil and UV light and remains flexible in the cold. The FOC cables with high-tensile aramid fibres and dampers are stranded firmly around the GRP core. The pressure-extruded outer jacket is made of a halogen-free TPE mixture.

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