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Cables fixed safely within energy chain

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article image Only 4mm wider than the cable.
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IGUS, represented in Australia by Treotham Trading , has released the Chainfix strap to fix cables safely inside an energy chain in situations where standard strain relief cannot cope. It combats problems such as limited space in the connecting element, multi-layered design, or vibrations and temperature fluctuations.

It is suitable for use with electric cables and media such as hydraulic and pneumatic equipment. It is only 4mm wider than the cable and has a height 30mm more than the cable’s diameter. It allows optimal use of the limited space inside the connecting element.

A special foot simplifies insertion into the tightly packed connecting elements. This allows insertion of the strap in the C-rail with an inclination angle of 24%.

Ribbing of the pressure counter and press trough increases the supporting surface of the cables. This causes the cables to clutch the troughs, resulting in safe strain relief for various cable diameters and materials.

Chainfix straps are available in black varnished or stainless steel.

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