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Cable drag chain for high loads and speeds

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article image Strength and lifetime of the chain are increased.
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IGUS, represented in Australia by Treotham Trading has released a heavy-duty version of its energy chain product, the E4/4. It can guide heavy cables over long distances in tough conditions.

The Igus E4/4 is designed to withstand extreme loads, the reinforced polymer chain is suitable for cranes in dumps, large harbours or offshore plants. It is also suitable for machines in gypsum and cement plants, compost works or in opencast mining.

The area of support for the pin-bore hole connection has been enlarged by about 120%. The pin diameter has been increased from 40mm to 45mm, whilst its length has been doubled from 4mm to 8mm. These changes spread wear over a larger area and the strength and lifetime of the chain are increased. It can take higher tension and transverse forces. While the inner and outer dimensions (80mm and 108mm respectively) of the chain remain the same, Igus has reinforced the thickness of the sidewalls from 22mm to 29.5mm. This means that the chain runs smoothly and is stable even under high additional loads, for example in bulk and unloading plants, motor powered trolleys and ship to shore applications.

Supporting surfaces of the stoppers have been quadrupled to achieve a better power introduction and, as a result, a lower surface pressure. Furthermore, the Energy Chain will not wear out for many years.

Because of reinforced stoppers, the heavy duty chain disposes of even higher load reserves without sagging. This applies to heavy cable loads such as hydraulic and water hoses or motor cables with large cross-sections.

The new chain version allows users to guide additional loads of up to 30kg reliably at speeds of more than 5m/s. With the use of middle plates, these values can be increased many times over so that high electrical charges can be carried at great speed.

E4/4 heavy duty is now available as a roller energy chain with a starting ramp. Stainless steel bearings are used together with the ramp for steady rolling, replacing rolls and chain links.

The length of the roller chain links has been shortened from 182mm to 160mm to reach an optimised rolling radius. The excess end of the roll is shortened by the ramp, which ensures a notably silent run. This involves a noise reduction of about 6db(A) at 2m/s, which is only 25% of the original emission.

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