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All-metal inductive sensors

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SWITCH applications can now be implemented faster with Wenglor inductive proximity sensors, available from Treotham Trading . The product is called Induktive and it is an all-metal sensor providing the same switching distance for all types of metal.

Aluminium, copper, brass or steel can be used and the all-metal sensor always has the same switching distance due to the use of a differential transformer. The sensors have a correction factor of 1.

A Teflon coating allows this Wenglor inductive sensor to be used in practically any industrial environment. Welding spatter does not adhere to its outside surfaces, making it ideal for use in the automotive industry and aircraft manufacturing. It is also resistant to magnetic fields.

The sensors are further distinguished by large switching distances of up to 35mm. The metal sensors are used under high pressure. They can be used under water and the rugged, impact resistant solid metal housing of stainless steel makes this inductive sensor especially tough.

The sensors are suitable for applications with continuously high humidity and wet ambient conditions, for example, in the food processing industry or for water jet cleaning. The switching distance is identical for different metals (except stainless steel).

The unit provides reliable detection of distances to metal objects, even where extreme contamination prevails.

These inductive analogue sensors suit monitoring tasks and they measure distance and thickness. The sensors detect metal objects within their working range and read out distance as a proportional voltage signal from the analogue output. The analogue signal is identical for different metals.

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