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Advantages of polymer linear bearings

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IN A bearing system, the shaft has direct contact with the linear bearing and is subjected to stress by the relative motion the same way as a linear bearing is affected. Therefore, next to the linear bearings, the shaft is the most important factor in a bearing system.

Whereas conventional metal roller bearings imposed rigid restrictions on the design engineering in relation to shaft material, DryLin-R linear bearings, distributed by Treotham Trading , enable the use of ultra-light carbon shafts.

Carbon fibre shafts are known for rigidity and low weight, and in combination with DryLin-R linear sliding bearings, similar friction values can be achieved as those attainable from the use of steel shafts. Carbon fibre shafts are maintenance-free when used in conjunction with DryLin-R bearings.

As they are of an extremely low weight, the product gives a positive effect on inertia. Whenever complete linear units need to be swiveled in grippers in the, say, the materials handling or packaging industries, the weight saved results in significantly higher cycle times.

The DryLin-R can be used with carbon fibre shafts that are screwed together using special threaded cylinders. Pairing linear bearings with carbon fibre shafts is also an option.

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