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Treblex Industrial offers greases, cleaners and cooling system products

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Greases offered by Treblex Industrial to automotive and marine sectors include lithplex TF2 red, lithplex molytac EP2, high grade copper anti seize, molyplex DRG2 and so on. High grade copper anti seize from Treblex Industrial is a multi purpose compound which provides protection against metal to metal contact and corrosion in mining, industrial, marine and automotive applications. The high copper content helps in withstanding temperatures up to 800 degree Celsius. It consists of performance enhancing additives and offers protection against water washout, corrosion and oxidation.

Cleaners and degreasers include grime blaster, chlor-clean, citra tuff, easy clean, turbo red, super blue, spray clean etc. Super blue is commonly used cleaning detergent offered from Treblex Industrial. It is made from surfactants and wetting agents which help in emulsifying dirt. Super blue is ideal for transport and mining industry and can be used on painted surfaces. Easy clean is water based heavy duty liquid degreaser and are ideal for various cleaning purposes. Easy clean from Treblex Industrial helps in removing greases, soil and oil deposits.

Treblex Industrial provides cooling products including anti freeze concrete, ultra power coolant, cooling system treatment, cooling system flush, nitrate cooling system treatment. Ultra coolant from Treblex Industrial is formulated using Hybrid technology engine coolant. It is free from phosphate, amine and silicate product and provides high temperature aluminium protection.

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