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Eco friendly products, solvents and hand cleaners from Treblex Industrial

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Treblex Industrial  offers hand cleaners, solvents, environmentally friendly products, agricultural products, metal cleaning products to automotive and marine sectors. Treblex Industrial manufactures these products in conjunction with various chemists.

Solvents from Treblex Industrial include autosolv, xylene, parts wash, electrosolv and safetysolv. Autosolv solvents are a rapidly evaporated solvent and it is highly flammable. When exposed to air it forms explosive mixtures and are immiscible with water. It is ideal in situations which require solvent to evaporate easily leaving no residue. Acetone offered is powerful and helps in cleaning the surfaces of glass, metal and enamels.

Treblex Industrial’s environmental friendly products include green clean, rig wash, multiclean, enviro clean, treblex gold etc. Green clean is a biodegradable concentrated liquid detergent and it is ideal for industrial and heavy mining equipment. Green clean is ideal for pressure cleaning and it does not affect paintwork.

Hand cleaners include handcare, barrier cream, citragel plus, citraclean plus. Handcare is water based hand cleaner and protects the hand and also helps in removing soils. Barrier cream from Treblex Industrial is ideal for home and workshop. It contains lanolin, emollients, purified water and natural oils. Agricultural products include soil soaker, soil wet, liquid fertiliser concentrate, granulated soil soaker and manganese chelate.

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