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SC330 concrete crushers from Traxx Construction Products

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Traxx Construction Products  presents the SC330 concrete crusher and power pack designed for concrete demolition jobs.

Featuring a crusher tool and a high pressure power pack with a petrol engine or single/ 3-phase electric motors, SC330 concrete crushers eliminate noise, dust, percussion and vibration during operation that can otherwise cause damage to the environment as well as the structures.

Operated by a single person, the crusher can break concrete with incredible power and precision, and is effective for concrete reinforced and non-reinforced structures, brick walls, structures in composite stones and masonry, as well as ceilings, pillars, stairways and every concrete section that can be attacked by the jaws, including in rescue applications.

Typical applications of SC330 concrete crushers:

  • Demolitions where it is necessary to preserve the integrity of other structures, or where it is not possible to use percussive demolition (historical buildings, churches or unstable structures)
  • Civil protection and rescue works after earthquakes for helping persons caught under the rubble, without the risk of new construction collapses
  • Controlled demolition in noise-sensitive locations such as offices, hospitals or schools
  • Demolition in locations where larger machinery cannot be used (upper floors or platforms)
  • Demolitions that demand speedy and clean operation
  • Enlargement of windows or doors
  • Enlargement of stairway openings to install new lift

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