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New tower mounts extend reach and improve aim of dust suppression equipment

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article image The new tower mounts extend droplet hang time and range of DustBoss atomised misting equipment
Traxx Construction Products  presents a new range of tower units designed to increase the efficiency of dust suppression equipment.

Dust Control Technology, a global leader in open area dust suppression systems has introduced the tower mounts for the company’s atomised misting equipment, which extend droplet hang time and range, while providing more precise aiming capability.

Dust Control Technology has developed the new tower designs specifically to address ongoing operations that generate dust in fixed locations, and are well suited for slag handling, aggregate processing, recycling operations and coal handling.

Complementing a product line that already includes wheeled carriages and skid mounts, the tower mounts are capable of delivering millions of 50-200 micron droplets per minute from above dust-generating activities, helping commercial operations achieve superior particle control and prevent dust from migrating off-site.

DCT General Manager Laura Stiverson explains that the tower mounts can deliver a focused mist to the areas where dust is created, allowing the DustBoss units to concentrate virtually their entire output directly to the source of the problem. Dust control solutions can be tailored to suit individual customer sites and conditions by modifying the fan driven units to address specific particle sizes or service environments.

For instance, DCT can apply its Variable Particle Sizing (VPS) technology to match the dust particles to the most appropriate droplet size and water delivery to ensure maximum suppression of dust.

A manual jack with a long handle is provided as standard to raise and lower the tower from the ground. When fitted with the optional electric jack, changes can be made via the control panel or remote control unit, allowing quick and easy adjustments to accommodate weather changes or specific work activities.

Automated units allow multiple machines to be networked and operated from a single radio-controlled, handheld remote to conserve resources and avoid over-saturation, with the units running only during dust-generating activity.

The network in fully automated dust suppression systems can be equipped with sensors that track wind and weather details, with customised software and programmable logic control via computer managing start/stop cycles based on dust monitor readings, motion sensors or weather input. The technology allows users of DustBoss equipment to automatically adjust elevation, oscillation range and other features on any number of machines to improve suppression efficiency and free up manpower for other tasks.

Key features of dust suppression tower mount units:

  • Available in three tower sizes to suit varying dust control requirements
  • Designed to withstand wind loads of at least 160 KPH
  • Constructed of carbon steel pipe, hot dip galvanised to resist corrosion
  • 150mm base tube employed on tower heights under 4.5m and is compatible with the standard oscillation package
  • 200mm diameter towers used for greater elevation
  • 250mm diameter heavy-duty towers, secured directly into concrete and available in heights up to 6m
  • Large diameter allows hoses and power cords to be routed inside the tower for protection and cleaner appearance
  • Flange-mounted units feature programmable oscillation with a customer-settable range of 0-359º
  • Optional climbing rungs, work platforms, booster pumps and additive metering systems
  • Manual jack or optional electric jack used to raise or lower the tower
  • Prevents nuisance dust or odour from entering the air stream by spraying the worksite from above
  • Greatly reduces the possibility of fugitive dust leaving the worksite
Dust Control Technology is a global leader in dust and odour control solutions for mining, rock and aggregate processing, demolition, recycling and scrap processing.

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