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MudHen concrete slurry water system now available for rental in Australia

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Traxx Construction Products  announces the availability of MudHen concrete slurry water systems on rental terms in Australia.

A portable concrete slurry water recycling system, the MudHen is built tough for reliability and offers one of the highest slurry processing rates by any system on the market. Slurry control is one of the fastest growth sectors for sawing, drilling and surface preparation contractors.

The portability of the MudHen allows it to be conveniently moved between multiple jobsites easily. Supported by large casters, the equipment can be moved around the jobsite manually.

Used in cleaning slurry water produced from concrete polishing, grinding, drilling, sawing and cutting, the MudHen concrete water filtration equipment is available in multiple sizes and can be custom manufactured for trailer mounting or specific needs.

Featuring a heavy duty construction, the MudHen system simplifies concrete water recycling with user-friendly mechanical controls eliminating human error.

Key features of MudHen concrete slurry water system: 

  • Processing capacity of over 1000 litres per hour as standard, and 2500+ litres per hour with larger compressor
  • 3m hose supplied as standard to suck slurry water out of any container, pool or vessel
  • Cleans the water before sending it to the drain, or back into a container for reuse
  • Standard garden hose connection on the output
  • Waste cakes can be disposed of using optional trays or sludge bags, or wheelie bins/ garbage cans
  • Choice of 4 standard models or custom build to suit
  • Can be used for any slurry water application
  • Options include pH adjustment, larger pumps, slab carts, and trailer mounts
Key features of MudHen Mini concrete slurry water system:

  • Truly portable system weighing under 120kg
  • Designed with pneumatic wheels installed in a two-wheeler fashion
  • Hooks up to a portable air compressor to process water fast
  • Produces compacted slabs of waste and clean water for reuse or disposal

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