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Giant DustBoss dust suppression unit to be unveiled at MINExpo 2012

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article image The DB-100 stands nearly 10 feet tall, and can cover a massive area of approx. 280,000 square feet from a single location
Dust Control Technology will be introducing their newest and largest dust suppression unit at the MINExpo 2012 being held on September 24-26 in Las Vegas.

The DustBoss DB-100 from Dust Control Technology, a global leader in open area dust suppression systems is specifically engineered to deliver the required power to reach the working face of an open cast mine or large quarry. With a range of more than 100m, the DustBoss DB-100 offers ample reach to cover material stockpiles 60-90m high.

Standing nearly 10 feet tall, the giant atomised misting unit from Dust Control Technology can cover a massive area of more than 26,000m² from a single location.

Designed with inputs from leading mining companies in the world, DustBoss DB-100 specifically addresses the inadequacies of conventional methods of dust suppression including the use of water trucks. Visibility and air quality were key concerns in most operations due to the airborne particles from the loading of trucks.

According to DCT Vice President Aaron Valencic, the new unit will reach all the way to the working face, knocking down dust from the shovel right as it picks up or drops material, improving visibility and air quality and helping mining companies maintain a safer and more productive workplace.

According to CEO Edwin Peterson, the unit was developed specifically for large-scale mining, coal operations and bulk material handling, and based on an idea of DCT’s late co-founder, Barry Brown. The design phase involved substantial interaction with mine managers, maintenance staff and supervisors with nearly every one of them stressing on reliability as they couldn’t afford equipment breakdowns.

DCT engineered an extremely rugged and efficient design for the new dust suppression unit to address these demands. The new design represents the culmination of two years of development time, and is based on 40 years of engineering experience in atomised mist technology.

The DB-100 was successfully trialled at a large coal handling operation where migrating dust was creating a nuisance.

Key features of DustBoss DB-100 dust suppression systems:

  • Direct drive fan motor delivers both power and dependability
  • Design eliminates drive belts, diesel engines or complex worm gear systems that could cause breakdowns
  • Minimal maintenance requirement despite impressive size
  • Lubrication of fan motor bearings recommended every 10,000 hours while oscillation motor is lubricated for life
  • Covered by industry-leading 3-year/ 3,000 hour warranty and complete satisfaction guarantee
  • 60 HP fan fed by a manifold of 30 brass nozzles specifically sized and positioned for the new design
  • Simple, user-defined 359° oscillation along with adjustable elevation from -7° to +45°
  • Can be outfitted with a dosing pump to accurately meter in surfactants or tackifiers to further enhance binding of dust particles
  • 10 HP (7.5 KW) booster pump elevates water pressure as high as 200 PSI for excellent droplet production
  • Can be set up to run potable or non-potable water
  • Wye delta starting system reduces initial energy requirements
  • In-line filter and 1½" cam-and-groove quick disconnect female coupling
  • Runs unattended for long periods, freeing up manpower and equipment by eliminating the need for water trucks or sprinklers
  • Automated control enables operation to a wide range of sensor inputs, including weather conditions and even specific air particulate levels
  • Proprietary Variable Particle Sizing technology provides customers with a wide selection of different nozzles for suppressing a broad range of airborne solids
DCT has also announced that its first DB-100 production model will be available for sale at MINExpo 2012, with all profits from the unit donated to the Illinois CancerCare Foundation in honour of Barry Brown, a founding partner of the company who lost his battle with cancer in 2010.

Dust Control Technology is a global leader in dust management solutions, with expertise in mining, coal handling, steel, ports and shipping, scrap, material recycling and demolition. Dust Control Technology products are available from Traxx Construction Products .

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