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DustBoss DB100 dust suppressors from Traxx Construction Products

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Traxx Construction Products  presents the biggest unit in the DustBoss range of dust suppressors designed for use in the mining industry.

DustBoss DB100 dust suppressors have been engineered specifically to deliver the power to reach the working face of an open cast mine or large quarry. Its powerful range of 100m gives the new DB100 dust suppressor ample reach to cover material stockpiles 90-100m high.

Designed with input from some of the leading mining companies in the world with data collected from numerous site visits where visibility around massive working areas can be deeply impacted by dust, DustBoss DB100 dust suppressors address limitations of currently available techniques to suppress dust at mines or quarries.

DCT vice president Aaron Valencic observes that most operations use water trucks to wet down haul roads before trucks can enter the area for loading. This technique is only marginally effective on surface dust, and has no effect at all on airborne particles. Additionally, water trucks also don't address dust from the loading operation itself, as their reach is limited to only the area around the driving surface.

DustBoss DB100 dust suppressors however, have the capability to reach all the way to the working face, knocking down dust from the shovel right as it picks up or drops material. The giant atomised misting unit stands over 3m tall and can cover a massive area of 28,000m² from a single location.

With the improved visibility and air quality, mining companies can maintain a safer and more productive workplace. 

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