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Travroute unveils new GPS navigation software

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Travroute  has unveiled its new instalment in the award-winning CoPilot line with version 7 for mobile phones and PDAs.

Supporting Windows mobile 5 and 6 devices, CoPilot Live 7 redefines mobile satellite navigation with simple and intuitive menus, accurate road lane instructions, clearer 2D/3D map views and compelling mobile data services.

Version 7 also touts a fully customisable user interface which allows mobile operators, handset manufacturers and everyday individuals to adjust colours, styles and features to suit their brand requirements or personal taste.

CoPilot Live 7 is designed to make navigation on a phone as easy to use as a Personal Navigation Device (PND).

Entering an exact destination is simple with redesigned step-by-step address entry, finger-touch buttons, predictive address matching and on-screen set-up wizards. Large-buttoned menus make frequently used features quickly accessible and decrease the amount of user error.

CoPilot Live 7’s redesigned 2D and 3D map views enable drivers, cyclists, or pedestrians to see their exact location and where they are going clearly and easily.

Customers can choose from a variety of standard road colour schemes or create their own personalised skins.

As with all CoPilot navigation solutions, driver safety is the top priority. By default, the map shows a turn or junction, progressively zooming-in automatically before returning to the non-distracting safety screen once the turn is completed.

CoPilot Live 7’s spoken turn-by-turn instructions are clearer due to its new text-to-speech voice commands with detailed instructions pronounced naturally in 13 different languages both on Windows mobile powered pocket PCs and Smartphones. Driving anywhere becomes as simple as driving in your home town.

With an ever changing national road network, today’s maps need to keep up with burgeoning city growth and change.

Version 7 incorporates over 12.5m addresses and over 1,000,000km’s of road in Australia. New extended lane information will also tell the driver which lane they need to be in, preventing those missed turn-offs or dangerous, last second lane switches.

CoPilot Live 7’s powerful new desktop management companion CoPilot Central enables customers to fully manage their trips and preferences from the comfort of their desktop.

Personal colour schemes, routes, trips and downloadable Points-of-Interest databases are just a fraction of what this great managing tool can do. With mapping, trip planning and automatic software upgrades at the user’s fingertips, central greatly enhances the CoPilot user experience.

CoPilot Live 7 is a fully connected navigation system that utilises a mobile phone’s connectivity to the mobile internet to deliver real-time navigation based services and enable interaction with others when on the move.

It is now possible to send a tracking invitation directly to a Microsoft Outlook contact from CoPilot, enabling the recipient to view your location in real time, send messages and even new destinations.

CoPilot Live 7 highlights:

  • Simple to use, dedicated GPS navigation performance for mobile phones
  • Brand customisable for mobile operators, OEMs and handset manufacturers
  • Improved routing; redesigned colourful 2D/3D maps and natural text-to-speech voice directions in 13 languages
  • Significant map data updates by Navteq including extended lane information
  • New safety camera alerts
  • Real-time mobile data services include location tracking which includes the ability to send your locations to other users via SMS or MMS

CoPilot Live 7 is a truly customisable GPS navigation system. Travroute can now provide drivers, cyclists and pedestrians with the same experience on a phone as a Personal Navigation Device (PND) or in-dash sat nav system.

Real-time, location-specific services such as location tracking provide a sense of security previously available only to commercial enterprises. Now mobile phones are just as effective for navigation as they are for communication.

CoPilot Live 7 will be available for Windows Mobile based smartphones and pocket PCs, including compatibility with Windows mobile 6 devices in the spring of 2007.

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