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EMTAC mini-S3 Bluetooth GPS receiver available from Travroute

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Transplant GPS, the worldwide distributor of EMTAC brand products, has released EMTAC mini-S3 Bluetooth GPS receiver (mini-S3).

The mini-S3 is a Bluetooth GPS receiver that combines fashion with function. Featuring the SiRFstarIII chip set, the mini-S3 is a high performance, low power consumption GPS receiver designed to compliment Smartphones, PDAs or Pocket PCs and other handheld devices. Weighing only 60 grams and measuring a mere 67 x 48 x 22 mm, the mini-S3 can easily be slipped into a pocket.

The mini-S3 may be nearly one-third smaller than its predecessor, the S3, but it has maximum capabilities. Compatible with PDAs, PDA Phones, Smartphones, Pocket PCs, Notebook PCs and other Bluetooth-enabled mobile devices, the mini-S3 allows you to receive GPS data wirelessly.

By transmitting GPS position data over Bluetooth, the user can position the receiver for possible reception in a wireless environment. The SiRFstarIII chip set provides good sensitivity, enabling the user to enjoy clear reception in difficult environments like urban canyons, in the mountains or under dense foliage.

What makes the mini-S3 Bluetooth GPS receiver truly user friendly is the replaceable, rechargeable Lithium-ion battery. The battery allows for eight hours of continuous use. When it runs low, the user can replace it with a fresh battery.

Recharging takes only one hour with the included charger and the mini-S3 can be used while charging. Plus, the mini-S3 utilises a mini-USB charging plug, eliminating the need for multiple charging systems and making it possible to charge the unit practically anywhere.

The EMTAC Bluetooth mini-S3 receiver is available in Australia through Travroute.

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