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Award winning GPS navigation software from Travroute Australia

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CoPilot Live 6, from Travroute Australia is the new generation of ALK technologies’ award winning GPS navigation software for windows-based mobile phones and PDAs (Pocket PCs).

A phone or PDA (pocket PC) equipped with CoPilot Live 6 provides drivers with powerful, yet portable satellite navigation, complete with turn-by-turn voice guidance, comprehensive address entry choice, postcode and point of interest search, detailed street maps and a new finger touch user interface with larger, user-friendly buttons while route calculation speeds enable even complex trips to be worked out in seconds.

CoPilot Live 6 is also customizable to avoid or favour certain road types such as major freeways or highways, set average road speeds, or to create driving profiles for use at different times of day such as rush hour, or when driving different vehicles.

The new street maps and new updated points of interest are included in the CoPilot Live 6 courtesy of global mapping giants, Navteq. Complete maps for North America or Europe can now be purchased in addition to Quickstart packages, giving CoPilot Live 6 users the ability to have an entire continent on their phone or PDA (pocket PC).

CoPilot Live’s unique borderless door-to-door trip calculation and turn instructions in your chosen language makes driving navigation anywhere in the world simple.

CoPilot Live 6 incorporates ALK’s live tracking functionality, which can display driver locations in real-time on a secure website.

This live tracking functionality is included at no additional charge and is ideal for individuals wanting friends or colleagues to monitor their progress when out on the road, or for businesses that want to take advantage of real-time location information to better communicate with and manage mobile workers. Customers can upgrade to multi-vehicle tracking and advanced reporting services for a nominal fee.

“CoPilot Live 6 sets a new worldwide standard for mobile navigation and for the safe delivery of relevant, real-time information to drivers,” said Dan Titus, vice president of ALK Technologies, Inc.

Michael Kornhauser, Managing Director of ALK’s European business operations – ALK Technologies, Ltd. - adds “CoPilot Live is now more powerful, easier to use, and supports a wider range of PDAs, pocket PCs and all-in-one devices, making satellite navigation more accessible and affordable than ever.”

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