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ULTRAMAX welded plate heat exchangers bring reliability to resin cooling and heating in moulded sink manufacturing

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article image ULTRAMAX welded plate heat exchanger meets challenging application needs that are beyond the capability of gasketed plate and frame units

Two ULTRAMAX welded plate heat exchangers were selected by a UK-based manufacturer for use in their moulded kitchen sink manufacturing process.

The company found that organic attack by resin compounds limited the suitability of their existing gasketed HE units at high pressures and temperatures. Seeking more reliable heat exchangers for their manufacturing facility, the manufacturer looked for products as precisely engineered as their own – a longer-life, lower maintenance alternative for cooling and heating mineral-filled, compounded resin for injection moulding.

The customer selected two ULTRAMAX welded plate heat exchangers for the resin cooling and heating duties. While one unit cools the resin following compounding from acrylic monomer and ethylene glycol, another heats the resin to 50°C using a thermal fluid.

The ULTRAMAX design provides true counter current flow, unlike some competitive cross-flow units. Counter current flow offers full LMTD and allows for 1°C temperature approaches, providing small hold-up volume, fast start-ups and close following of process changes.

Key features of ULTRAMAX welded plate heat exchangers:

  • Embossed metal plates arranged alternately into cassettes and welded to form channels for hot and cold media
  • Patented baffle clips eliminate continuous welding between the cassettes
  • Non continuous seam welds allow the plate pack to expand and contract along the length of the pack during temperature and pressure changes
  • Plate pack enclosed in a welded core with nozzles and installed in a frame to provide pressure integrity
  • Designed for pressures to 45 barg (650 psig) and temperatures up to 343°C for standard range units
Key benefits of ULTRAMAX welded plate heat exchangers:

  • Provides true counter current flow
  • Velocity profile created by ULTRAMAX corrugated plates eliminates stagnant areas and promotes maximum heat transfer
  • Induced turbulence scours the heat transfer surface during operation, reducing fouling
  • Turbulence increases the effectiveness of CIP procedures
  • High heat transfer efficiency enables the welded units to handle temperature approaches of less than 1°C
  • Easy installation and high uptime
  • Occupies only 30–50% of the space and weighs up to 70% less compared to equivalent S&T exchangers due to high heat transfer efficiency
The UK manufacturer has been very impressed with the trouble-free performance of the ULTRAMAX units with no failure or downtime experienced in the last four years of operation.

ULTRAMAX welded plate heat exchangers are available from Tranter Australia .

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