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Tranter’s heat exchangers in Gävle Hamn’s green initiative for district heating

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Tranter’s Swedish-made plate heat exchangers were chosen by a district heating specialist to heat large oil and chemical tanks at the Gävle Hamn port.

Located just 170km from Stockholm in a catchment area that extends from Uppland and Dalarna northwards, Gävle Hamn has, for some time been supplying Arlanda Airport with all its aviation fuel directly by train. One train replaces just over 30 tank trucks, which previously transported the fuel through Stockholm up to Arlanda. Gävle Hamn has a total storage capacity of 950,000m³ in around 140 tanks.

The large oil and chemical tanks in the port were previously heated using fossil fuel in the form of oil. This relatively expensive method of heating is now being replaced with green district heating. The district heating specialist Palmat System AB chose Tranter’s Swedish-made plate heat exchangers for the order it received from Gävle Rörteam AB, which is installing the district heating in Gävle Hamn.

Per-Arne Tönners of Palmat System AB in Stockholm explains that Tranter represents cutting edge technical knowhow, which combined with their fast, reliable deliveries, creates a decisive competitive advantage for the customer.

The district heating solution is expected to replace about 3,300m³ of oil, equivalent to the quantity consumed by 165 normal-sized houses in Sweden in one year.

Almer Oil & Chemical Storage AB is one of the oil companies in Gävle Hamn that is being connected to the new district heating pipe. According to Lars Almer, they use six oil-fired boilers in part to heat oil stored in 12 large tanks. The oil and chemicals stored require a temperature of between 40°C and 70°C to prevent the products from solidifying, crystallising or paraffinising. A severe winter can burn up 300-400m³ of oil to heat the products.

The Terminal Manager at Almer Oil’s facility in Gävle Hamn observes that replacing oil with district heating will help them naturally reduce their direct emissions as well as their impact on the environment.

Almer Oil also finds that Tranter’s plate heat exchangers are much more energy-efficient than the old tubular heat exchangers. In some cases, the power consumption fell from 22 kW to 4.4 kW just by replacing the exchangers and circulation pump. An additional advantage is the short payoff time, says Lars Almer.

Tranter supplied 21 plate heat exchangers of various sizes with gaskets. They are placed in containers with pumps and controls at each storage tank.

Tranter plate heat exchangers are available in Australia from Tranter Australia .

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