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Tranter heat exchangers boost heat recovery at major European potash site

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Twenty one plate heat exchangers from Tranter International are being used by a major European potash mining company to recover heat at a Combined Heat and Power (CHP) plant.

With the facility located on the edge of a National Park, the company is fully committed to run a successful business in sensitive surroundings with due regard for environmental concerns as well as operating efficiency.

The site produces over a million tonnes of potash for fertilisers and more than half a million tonnes of salt each year for agricultural and industrial uses. The dedicated power station is owned by the company, although it was built and is operated by a third party.

The CHP plant has seven engine sets each with three heat exchangers; each engine generates more than 200 tonnes of steam per hour. The first heat exchanger recovers heat from the engine gas generators that pre-heat the feed water used to make steam. The second recovers heat for use in the main potash plant to raise the temperature of the process fluids used in the refining process to a temperature of about 80 degrees. The third exchanger recovers heat for use in heating the main building and workshops. Around 5.5 MW of low grade heat in all are recovered from the process.

The successful installation of Tranter International AB plate heat exchangers means that the CHP plant more than doubles the efficiency of fuel use at the site, reducing costs as well as playing a small but important part in conserving fossil fuel reserves.

These plate heat exchangers are available in Australia from Tranter Australia .

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