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Tranter Australia Platecoil prime surface heat exchangers

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article image Platecoil welded plate heat exchanger

Platecoil prime surface plate heat exchangers from Tranter Australia are made with die-formed, embossed metal sheets, welded to create a series of passages through which heat transfer media can flow.

Platecoil heat exchanger panels are available in over 300 sizes, with widths ranging from 305mm to 1,092 mm, and length dimensions from 584mm to 3,632mm. Platecoil is able to be rolled, bent or formed into any configuration, and several surface finish types are available to reduce fouling and maintenance. For high internal flow rates, low-pressure drops, and rugged use, Tranter also offers large pass, heavy gauge Platecoil.

Platecoil uses type SA-414 stainless steel and type 316L stainless steel, however other 300 series stainless steels are available on request. Platcoil can also be manufactured from monel, nickel and carbon steel.

Platecoil plate heat exchangers can be configured as flat sheets, jackets, banks for immersion heating, banks for heat recovery, or many other assemblies. Units are hydrostatically pressure tested before they are shipped to ensure structural integrity.

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