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The Tranter Superchanger plate and frame heat exchanger is available

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Tranter Heat Exchangers ' Superchanger heat exchanger has been engineered to transfer heat from liquid to liquid or from steam to liquid. The Superchanger comprises a series of gasketed, embossed metal plates bolted together and arranged alternatively between end frames.  

The channels formed allow the flow of cold and hot media. Hot fluids flow along one side of the plate, whilst cold fluids flow along the other side of the plate. The Superchanger plate provides the means for the transfer of heat from one fluid to the next.  

Gaskets located on the plates of the Superchanger unit are able to seal the flow channels and alter the direction of flows. As the liquids flow counter-currently through the channels between each plate, the hot liquid becomes cooler and the cold liquid increases in temperature.

Superchanger units are able to handle temperature approaches of less than a degree.  

Superchanger exchange units are designed as standard to facilitate one pass/one flow, with all nozzles installed on the stationary end frame. The unit is self-cleaning, reducing the chance of fouling by an automatic process of dirty deposit removal from heat transfer surface during the unit’s operation.

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