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Transtech’s eBox saves the day

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THE superior capacity of Transtech Consulting Services Pty Ltd ’s eBox, coupled with its high quality GPS, proved invaluable in a recent road accident when a sub-contractor driver rolled his truck on a bend.

The benefit of Transtech's reliable and accurate technology was that all parties investigating the accident were able to come quickly to agreement about the clear picture of what happened. This saved time and money arguing liabilities.

The eBox is designed to capture the last eight hours of second by second way-points. This gave accident investigators time for a three hours drive to retrieve the eBox from the truck. The eBox would still have had useful data after eight hours.

Transtech downloaded the data from the device and then uploaded it into vTrack, Transtech's tracking software that uses vector maps. The result clearly showed the behaviour of the truck seconds before the accident and at the time of roll-over.

The accuracy of the high quality GPS unit pinpointed the truck position at every second relative to the centre-line of the road and the width of the road. It also gave the speed on approaching the bend in the road and recorded the dramatic deceleration of the truck within the two seconds before the accident.

At the same time, investigators were able to see the sudden change in direction of the prime mover over those two seconds before the accident.

The combined result of all the data was a clear picture of driver behaviour immediately before the accident. He was not exceeding the speed limit, although in excess of the advisory sign speed for that corner.

Transtech was also able to retrieve the driving pattern of the same driver approaching the same bend on previous occasions. This showed a significantly higher approach speed in the case of the accident.

A final useful piece of information came from Transtech's fatigue management software, which showed that the driver was fully compliant with his last seven day's driving, according to the legislation under which he was operating.

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