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Transtech Driven certified as IAP Service Provider

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Transtech Driven, partner to Transtech Consulting Services , has announced that it has been certified by Transport Certification Australia (TCA) as an IAP Service Provider.

The Intelligent Access Program (IAP) allows transport operators to gain greater heavy vehicle access to Australia's road network, in return for monitored compliance with agreed aces conditions by an IAP Service Provider.

Transtech has ten years transport industry solutions experience and has a suite of complementary non-IAP transport and logistics tools. Transtech's offering encompasses fatigue management, delivery planning and scheduling, load planning, routing, fleet management and tracking, and sign on glass point of sale technology.

“Choosing Transtech for IAP gives customers a partner with a strong track record in the heavy vehicle industry”, said Shaun Owen, CEO of Transtech Driven.

"We have been involved with the genesis of IAP over many years, and decided to seek IAP certification to continue to offer our customers the full range of transport technology solutions.

"With Transtech, Transport Operators needing IAP can also have peace of mind with complete fatigue management compliance also from the same supplier. We see the IAP as part of the future for companies wanting safe and efficient operations."

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