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TOPS Engineering Corporation has released the Pro Version 5.60 Package Design and Palletisation software, available through its Australian distributor, Transtech Consulting Services Pty Ltd .

This new release offers a host of new features which include:

* Auto mixed pallet load generator

* Advance container optimisation

* Support of blister packs, stand-up pouches and more new shapes

* Nesting and inverted nesting of tubs, blister packs and more

* Slave pallet and raised platform for pallet loads

* Enhanced report with more data panels and font size control

* New solution and analysis comparison report

* Ship case costing, auto data import and export, direct PDF outputs and more

Mr. Bill Rehring, President and Director of Operations at TOPS, says this is a major release which incorporates a lots of the requested features from his customer base of over 5,000 users.

He says the blister pack support is one of the most requested features from customers. TOPS Pro 5.60 allows users to pack blister packs in nested and inverted patterns inside the carton.

The Auto Mixed Pallet Load Generator is an automatic calculation engine for aisle display in club stores. Users can specify arrangement preference in layer or column and also to control the facing direction of individual boxes.

To get the most use of container space, a new additional loading algorithm allows users to break pallet loads and place shipping boxes directly into the container. This helps utilise void space on the side, top and end of the pallet loads and bring space usage close to 100%.

TOPS Pro 5.60 also includes new input and output alternatives including a click and drop analysis import and direct PDF outputs.

Other new features that make TOPS Pro 5.60 a must-have for package design include custom defined flutes, ship case costing, enhanced shipcase database function, file search and sort functionality and more pallet types.

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