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Real-time fleet management and tracking system from Transtech Consulting Services

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Transtech Consulting Services  are providers of logistics services including asset management.

vTrack is the vehicle tracking component of Transtech Consulting Services’ real-time fleet management and tracking system. It provides a span of information for management analysis and decision-making. vTrack enables fleet managers to achieve maximum returns from their fleet assets.

With vTrack, tracking the status of vehicles, loads, trailers, manifests, con-notes and drivers can be executed closely. It also allows the person to focus on assessing various categories such as driver performance and link categories to assess other performance issues. Managers using vTrack can find many opportunities to improve fleet performance and increase profits.

vTrack tracking system is capable of integrating actual vehicle movements with delivery schedules and driver activities. Transtech Consulting Services’ fatigue management system is integrated into the driver activity tracking of vTrack. The next release of vTrack further expands its integration capability by tracking trailers, con-notes and route compliance, making vTrack the mobile asset management system for fleet managers. From one screen, the fleet managers and schedulers can access the real-time fatigue management status, IAP status, the status of trucks, trailers, manifests, con-notes and drivers.

vTrack mobile asset management is capable of delivering a broad view of fleet performance. This enables the fleet managers to detect areas for improvement across all aspects of the fleet. The result is increased cost efficiency and the potential for higher profit margins.

Fleet tracking features of vTrack include current vehicle locations, breadcrumb trails, over speed alerts, route non-compliance alerts, replay journey history, accident investigation and comprehensive reporting; providing a window into operational inefficiencies that were previously hidden from view.

vTrack’s journey replay and black box functionality, allows allegations regarding the driver’s performance be investigated thoroughly and with confidence. vTrack minimises the management time required to carry out an extensive investigation of driving incidents.

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